Pre K I Virginia Quality Program

Experienced Staff at Child Care Center

      Miss Crystal C.

Our Pre K I Virginia Quality Program

“Virginia Quality is leading the way for Quality Early Learning and Education for Virginia’s children and families”


 Ms. Crystal and Ms. Eyonae’ and Mrs. Diane have a total of 34 years combined experience in the early childhood education field.  

While our 3 year old program is set up to engage all developmental stages of growth, we pride ourselves on incorporating creative play alongside our versatile curriculum to insure a well rounded childhood expeirence.

A few of the many areas of education we provide for our children are sensory awareness, music and movement, science, gross motor skills and a child’s own creative expression.  

Ms. Eyonae’

Proper holding of writing tools and the  following of directions are being taught getting our children ready for the kindergarten experience.

Our Curriculum is based on the Virginia Milestones and Building Blocks along with  segments of the Virginia Read 1-2-3 program. 

Our staff is highly trained and motivated and we are always working on our continued higher education.  We are CPR and first aid trained as well as certified to administer medication.

Professional Employees at Norfolk Day Care

Miss Kaieshia

Please call today and let’s get your child started on their academic voyage.  With 35 years of dedicated service to the children of our childcare/preschool community why go anywhere other than Colonial Day School?

Happy Children at Preschool

Preschoolers at Pumpkin Patch

Our day at the pumpkin patch  Mrs. Diane

As a Behavior Analyst, I have been providing ABA sevices to a child at Colonial Day School.  I have been coming to the school on a regular basis for two years now.  In my observations I can attest that the childcare staff follow a very structured routine as well as procedures that indluce pleanty of time for physical activity, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for groups and individuals), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks and free time.  The chidlren know what activity comes next and they have smooth transitions from one activity to another.

Cleanliness and safety are a top priority when I am visiting, from the cleanliness of children, prepping of food and the child to child interactions.  There is always a wide range of age-appropriate toys that encourage child development and stimulate creative, imaginative play all the time.  These items are clearly defined as are the areas of the rooms where various activities occur.  Not only does this benefit normally developing children, but it’s very good for children with special needs.

                                                                                                                                    – Kelly Barrett M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA