Director’s Page

 Director at Norfolk Pre School

Ms. Ann Clowser, Director

From the desk of:   Ms.  Ann Clowser, Director

I have been with Colonial Day School for over 20 years.  My son who just turned 31 years old attended here when he was just 2 years old!  I also have two grandchildren who  attended our childcare in Norfolk Va in their early years.

I believe that we here at Colonial Day School have and always will make a difference in every child’s life that we have the pleasure of serving.  

Parents, family  and teachers are the most important people in a child’s life.  Through us working together our goal is to teach, nurture and develop them into respectful, loving, and caring individuals.  Our children are our most valuable resource and caring for them is a privilege for all of us here at Colonial Day School.

“Free the child’s potential , and you will transform him into the world”   – Maria Montessori

Colonial Day School is an outstanding preschool.  It provides you with the service you want like play time, activity time, learning time, breakfast, lunch and snack time and more.  Colonial Day School is a special place for us children since Ms. Ann is in charge.  She is always with us making sure we are all doing well.  If anything needs taken care of she takes care of it like a hero.  She never leaves us in the midst of air, she always is beside us.   All the staff are great they love us and we love them.

Mariama G. and daughter Priscilla K.


Ms. Ann and the childcare facility that she runs is a place for any child to come and have fun while still learning!  Ms. Ann has always been there for me and my family.  My child has attended Colonial Day School since 2008 and those years have been great and wonderful.                                                                       Samantha H.