Preschool Reviews

Thank you for taking a moment to read our preschool reviews from our happy customers!

My name is Margaret and I brought my daughter to Colonial Day School in 2010 she was only 3 and I am happy with the way they have taken care of her.  They treat her as if she is one of their own.  The learning experience has been second to none. My daughter also goes to Tanners Creek Elementary  and the teachers were amazed of how my Pre K child can read and count.  They allow her to help other children in the class with reading and spelling and she is only 5 years old now. Early education is very important to a child’s development, they also hold workshops to help raise your child so they can be the best they can be in life.  If I have any grandchildren I would hope my sons send them to Colonial Day School.  Margaret R.


As a Behavior Analyst, I have been providing ABA services to a child at Colonial Day School.  I have been coming to the center on a regular basis for 2 years now.  In my observation I can attest that the center staff follow a very structured routine  as well as procedures that include plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for groups and individuals), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time.  The children know what activity comes next and they have a smooth transition from one activity to the other.

Cleanliness and safety are a top priority when I am visiting, from the cleanliness of the children, prepping of food and the child to child interactions.  There is always a wide range of age-appropriate toys that encourage child development and stimulate creative imaginative play all the time.  These items are clearly defined as are areas of the rooms where various activities occur.  Not only does this benefit normally developing children, but it’s very good for children with special needs.  Kelly B. M.S. Ed. BCBA, LBA


Colonial Day School is a place where children can come have fun and learn.  I have been with Colonial Day School since 2008 and these years have been great and wonderful for my child and myself.   Samantha H.


When my daughter came to Colonial Day School it was because she was having difficulties at her home daycare.  She got into so much trouble that the home daycare asked her to not come back.  My husband and I were frantic looking for a new place to put her in.  Upon recommendation from a co-worker, I called Colonial Day School.  The director was pleasant over the phone and made me feel comfortable enough to come into interview the school.  We interviewed the staff and Chloe was enrolled two days later.  She absolutely loves going to school now.  We almost never have a report of her getting into trouble like she was a the home daycare.  Sometimes she even cries when I come to pick her up because she is having so much fun and doesn’t want to leave.  She has been here over 10 months and its like she is a different toddler.  She listens much better and her communications skills have greatly improved!  My mother even comments on how much better her behavior has been and how much happier she seeems since starting at Colonial Day School.  This school has been a life saver for my family in so many ways I can’t begin to put them all in this letter.  Thank you so much Colonial Day School!        M. Wymer, Teacher


Colonial Day School is an outstanding school.  It provides you with the service you want like play time, activity time, learning time, breakfast, lunch and snack time and more.  Colonial Day School is a special place for us children since Ms. Ann is in charge.  She is always with us making sure we are all doing well.  If anything needs taken care of she takes care of it like a hero.  She never leaves us in the midst of air, she always is beside us.   All the staff are great they love us and we love them.

Mariama G. and daughter Priscilla K.


I’m a proud parent of 2 children, one which currently is in attendance at Colonial Day School.  My oldest son now 14, and my youngest 2 .  I chose Colonial Day School to provide for my children as a symbol of TRUST!  They give me peace of mind where their staff truly cares about the children.  They recognize environment as one important aspect for children, and take pride in being able to make a difference in the way the center is unique.  They provide a safe and educational surrounding, which is a number one priority for me as a mother.  The teachers are loyal, educated and caring.  I’m a very proud member of Colonial Day School, Im very thankful to have them as part of my family for many years.  Benita W.


The first time I heard of Colonial Day School, I received their flyer in the mail and decided to pay a visit and check them out.   At the time, I was in need of childcare and the timing of receiving the letter was perfect.  I have to say it was the best decision I made in enrolling my son with them.  From where my son came from in his learning skills, my schedule in the navy, and him moving around in childcares, he came a long way in learning which amazed me.  He learned so much in a short few months.  The staff made me  very cojmfortable having him in their care.  My son is 4 years old and we have been with them for about 2 years now.  He enjoys going, loves his teachers and all his friends.  The staff are wonderful and take great care of him.  Thank you Colonial Day School for the enjoyable experience not only for myself, but for my son.                                          —2nd Class Petty Office Danita S.