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Welcome to Colonial Day School

It is our mission at Colonial Day School to promote a caring and nurturing environment as an essential right of any child: especially for children entrusted by their parents or guardians to our daily care.  Through our curriculum we strive for the highest physical, social, emotional, cognitive and academic growth for our preschoolers in a creative environment.   We strive to be the finest pre school in Norfolk Va!

Children Having Fun at Day Care Centers

I’m a proud parent of two children, one which currently is in attendance at Colonial Day School.  My oldest son now 14, and my youngest 2 .  I chose Colonial Day School to provide for my children as a symbol of TRUST!  They give me peace of mind and I know that their staff truly cares about the children.  They recognize environment as one of the most important aspects for children, and the staff of Colonial Day School take pride in being able to make a difference.  In this way, the child care center is special and unique.  They provide a safe and educational surrounding, which is a number one priority for me as a mother.  The teachers are loyal, educated and caring.  I’m a very proud member of  the Preschool at Colonial Day School, I’m very thankful to have them as part of my family for many years.  Benita W.

Colonial Day School * 6510 N. Military Hwy * Norfolk, Va * 23518 * 757-855-0333

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