Pre-K II Virginia Quality Program

Pre K Childcare Worker Norfolk VA

Mrs. Lamb

Our Pre Kindergarten Classroom

Mrs. Lamb and Ms. Eyonae’  have a total of 20 years combined experience in the early childhood education field.

As our Pre Kindergarten environment is set up to engage all development stages of growth, we pride ourselves on incorporating creative play alongside our versatile curriculum to insure  a well rounded childhood experience. We maintain high standards of excellence  and constant awareness of the individual needs of every child.

A few of the many areas of education we provide for our children are sensory awareness, music and movement, science, gross motor skills and a child’s own creative expression.  Our pre kindergarten program also incorporates phonemic awareness and sight word recognition.

We are here to insure your child has a successful transition to public school.  While this can be a very challenging  time for both child and parent, Mrs. Lamb and Ms. Mercedez work with the children on a daily basis getting them ready to lead the way to success.

Teacher on playground in Virginia

Ms. Eyonae’

Our staff is highly trained, motivated and  we are always working on our continued higher education.  We are CPR and first aid trained as well as certified to administer medication.

Our pre kindergarten teachers work closely with the public schools to insure every child is ready for their next step in life.

Please contact us  today and let us get your child started on their academic voyage.  With 38 years of dedicated service to the children of our childcare/preschool community why go anywhere other than Colonial Day School?

Academic Childcare Centers

Incorporating science and creative expression

My name is Margaret and I brought my daughter to Colonial Day School in 2010 she was only 3 and I am happy with the way they have taken care of her.  They treat her as if she is one of their own.  The learning experience has been second to none.

My daughter also goes to Tanners Creek Elementary and the teachers amazed at how my PreK child  can read and count. They allow her to help other children in the class with reading and spelling and she is only 5 years old.

Early education is very important to a child’s development. They also hold workshops to help you raise your children so they can be the best they can be in life.  If I have grandchildren I would hope that my children send them to Colonial Day School.

                                                                                                                                                                                Margaret R.